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Vision: Children are free from exploitation
Mission: To drive a collaborative national response to counter the online exploitation of children

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation was announced by the Prime Minister on 25 March 2018, as a measure of the 2018-19 Commonwealth Budget.

The Centre brings together a world-leading approach, incorporating key stakeholders and partners, and driving a collective effort to counter the epidemic of child exploitation. It provides an integrated and collaborative capability to ensure cohesion by using the expertise of federal, state and territory, non-government agencies and private industry, and by allowing a cross-pollination of resources, knowledge and skillsets between stakeholders.

Our activities

In partnership, the ACCCE will work to free children from exploitation through its four pillars, Prepare, Prevent, Protect and Pursue. The Centre will:

  • prepare future capabilities and technologies to counter child exploitation
  • prevent the exploitation of children, and intervene earlier in the abuse of victims
  • protect victims from further victimisation, and protect the wellbeing of members
  • support authorities to pursue and prosecute child sex offenders, and remove victims from harm.

The child exploitation threat

The Centre has been established in response to an exponential increase in reports of the online exploitation of children.

No region is untouched and no country is immune from this crime.

Our strategic framework

The ACCCE Blueprint is a culmination of 12 months of design work since the formal establishment of the ACCCE on 1 July 2018. It sets out why the ACCCE was established, and how it will operate, aligned to its mission of driving a collaborative national response to counter the exploitation of children.

Our governance

A Board of Management (BoM), provides the strategic direction for the ACCCE, and is responsible for ensuring the ACCCE is operating in line with its purpose and all relevant legal, financial, and ethical considerations. The BoM meets quarterly and is co-chaired by Deputy Commissioner Investigations Ian McCartney and Deputy Commissioner Specialist and Support Operations Karl Kent.

Deputy Commissioner Brett Pointing (Chair)

Deputy Commissioner Operations

Australian Federal Police

Deputy Commissioner Justine Saunders

Operations Support

Australian Border Force

Mr. Jeremy Johnson

Chief of Staff

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

Assistant Commissioner Lesa Gale

Assistant Commissioner Northern Command

Australian Federal Police

Ms. Julie Inman Grant


Office of the eSafety Commissioner

Ms. Rebekah Kilpatrick

Acting Head of National Office for Child Safety

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Deputy Commissioner Tracey Linford

Crime, Counter-Terrorism and Specialist Operations

Queensland Police Service

A/Deputy Commissioner Gary Budge


Western Australia Police Force

First Assistant Secretary Hamish Hansford

Cyber, Digital and Technology Policy Division

Department of Home Affairs

Key stakeholders and partners

Drawing upon the expertise of federal, state and territory law enforcement, government and non-government agencies, private industry, academia, international partners and a cross-pollination of resources, knowledge and skillsets to counter online exploitation.

Government agencies

State and territory partners


Other partners

Foreign law enforcement