Senior Constable Danielle Leske wins AFP Detective of the Year

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Our very own Senior Constable Danielle Leske has been declared the AFP Detective of the Year, presented by AFP Commissioner Reece P Kershaw and AFP Deputy Commissioner Investigations Ian McCartney, on Friday 14 Feb 2020.

Danielle was nominated for her role in managing Operation Bayldon, a Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team investigation into one of Australia’s most heinous child sex offender. As a result of Danielle’s investigation, the offender was convicted of 51 counts of the most serious child sex offences, and in May last year and was sentenced to more than 40 years imprisonment. This sentence is the longest ever handed to a child sex offender in Australia.

Danielle’s commitment to the protection of children from exploitation saw her deploy innovative technical solutions and utilise a victim-centric approach to review more than 900,000 images and videos of child exploitation.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece P Kershaw and Detective Danielle Leske

She showed true dedication to the protection of children through working tirelessly to map the offender’s network resulting in the arrest of several prolific child sex offenders and the rescue of over 50 children.

Danielle has dedicated her professional career to the protection of women and children from harm. Child exploitation investigations of this nature require resolve and tenacity unlike any other type of investigation.
The criteria for the AFP Detective of the Year award includes, but is not limited to:

The use of innovative techniques and pioneering methodologies during an investigation
Displayed initiative and resourcefulness during an investigation
Overcame unusual obstacles involving extenuating circumstances during an investigation.

The award itself is named posthumously after our colleague AFP Detective Sergeant Carolyn Moss, who passed away in 2018 at age 41 years. AFP Detective Sergeant Moss epitomised what it is to be a Detective and importantly, was a role model for young investigators in the AFP.

Danielle was one of two recipients this year.